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How Well is My Child Doing? Each child’s progress and development is recorded in a variety of ways, through samples of completed activities, photographs and observations made by staff. This provides a wide overview of your child’s developing skills and activities;

We use eyLog to record observations, assess your child’s progress and plan activities for your child at Tiny Tops Childcare.

eyLog enables you to understand your child’s development on a more frequent and real-time basis. We can share your child’s learning journey with you digitally, increasing your involvement in the activities at the nursery. The system incorporates photos, videos and audio. It helps you as a parent to have an immersive experience of what your child is learning at Tiny Tops Childcare and the context in which your child is engaging in various activities, encouraging their overall growth and development.

eyLog makes it possible for you to contribute observations from home too! Be it a first WOW ! moment your child does for the first time or during a holiday, making the learning journey even more comprehensive and enabling you as parents being active partners in the learning and development of your child in their early years at nursery.

At your child’s first settling-in visit you will be asked to complete an “All About Me” sheet. Please complete this and return it to your child’s key educator, again this will give us lots of valuable information about your child and will help to inform the planning and next steps for your child. When your child reaches pre-school age, they will move into our pre-school (Star Bursts) where the learning becomes more structured to ensure that your child is developing to their full potential. At the end of their time in pre-school you will also receive an on line End of Year Report. This information will be shared with your child’s Primary School as this will facilitate a smoother transition for your child. Any parent who is concerned about their child’s progress should request a meeting with the child’s key person and the nursery manager.

A Fully Secure Solution

eyLog is a secure web and mobile solution.  The Nursery Manager, nursery educators and parents can only access eyLog using their unique login credentials. EyLog web and mobile applications are protected by SSL certificates using the https protocol, with all data being encrypted and transmitted. EyLog tablet devices are specially locked to prevent any misuse of the data captured within a nursery setting. eyLog servers are hosted in secure data centres in the UK with timely backups.

User Guidelines

All parents using eyLog will be required to complete an agreement in advance. Please be assured that as part of this agreement, all parents agree that they will not share photographs/videos of groups of children so that your child’s privacy is protected and respected.

Once signed up, you will receive a unique login on the system and are notified automatically by e-mail as soon as a new observation is published to your child’s learning journey or when any reports are shared with you by Tiny Tops.

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